Friday, November 17, 2017

Life Lately / Weekend Links

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Hello! What a week! To say I'm thankful it's Friday night would be understatement of the decade. This week, man. Our car is in the shop (both cars actually, as we also own an incredibly sketchy truck now), meaning that even our back-up car is unavailable. I'll let you guess how convenient it is to live 30 minutes from civilization with no car *_* On the incredibly bright side, it's going to cost less than expected and we're headed to Portland tomorrow to spend the day together before joining up with friends for a much needed friendsgiving. I might sound like I'm griping, but life in Maine has been pretty lovely these past few weeks. We got our first snow and the scenery makes up for any complaints I might have (it beats looking at city litter 10000%), although I am looking forward to a trip to LA and Oregon at the end of this month, I'll never turn down the opportunity to get the hell outta dodge.

Jess's finds have really been A+ lately (always are), I'm especially loving this rad reversible jacket and this incredible kimono.

A Facebook friend gave this book a rave review - actually she specifically said it was "haunting" - therefore I'm interested in reading it. I haven't been reading as much lately... I blame work (pro tip: blame everything on work).

I just got this fragrance and this bra from Moorea Seal and 10/10 recommend both. The perfume, Maine from MCMC, smells a bit rosy with a woodsy note, and the bra is just super, super comfy.

Related to working too much: the desire to stuff my face with sweets. I've successfully avoided doing this (well, except for this afternoon's giant cookie), but don't these homemade caramels look absolutely incredible?

Buying a pair of Dr. Martins before we moved was 100% a great decision. I have my eye on this platform pair next.

A weird side-effect of living with my mother? My consumption of true crime everything has gone up tenfold. Officially addicted to My Favorite Murder and old reruns of Unsolved Mysteries. Judge me how you wish. (related, I love this shirt)

My love for statement earrings did not die with summer... really into these handmade leather earrings, this star-covered pair (on sale!), and these eye-catching hoops

Maybe you're wondering (probably not wondering at all) what it is I do when I'm not writing incoherent sentences on this blog? Writing actual sentences for other people. Check out my latest pieces for Free People, The Style Line, and Green Dream. I also work here now :)

How do you feel about the white boot trend? I'm in love with this pair (here's a lower-priced option), but I worry that they might not be well-suited for Maine (scratch that, I know they're not well-suited for Maine)

And lastly, a valid question: Does America know what sex is? Guys... I don't think America knows... (but seriously, in light of all the gross dudes being outed as sexual predators, this is worth reading)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Weekend Links 11.12

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Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? We just got back from a day trip to Bedford, MA for a big brunch with friends from my Swapaholics days, something that was much, much needed after a rather solitary few weeks. Also needed? A three-day weekend. Thank god. Life has felt very, very busy lately, and after last weekend's time change, time has felt in short supply when it gets dark at 4:30. The weather has been hinting at winter these past few days, with even a few snowflakes. This week will surely be another crazy one, but let's jump right in!

So in love with this festive vintage dress

How gorgeous are these cozy knit sweaters? Completely obsessed with this pink one...

An important life hack

Save 40% off J.Crew! Love this oversized cardigan and this cute skirt

Really into this band lately

Pretty fall-to-winter transitional pieces

YUM - this looks SO good and so comforting

Would love to add a couple of these pillows to our couch

Would love to try this book

How to care for house plants

Loves this series from Apartment Therapy

I bet these candles smell amazing

How to do Thanksgiving like a pro

Monday, November 6, 2017

Pink Sweater + Shearling Jacket

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 photo IMG_4868_zps8gnldsfc.jpg
 photo IMG_4869_zpskf1e5oxd.jpg
 photo IMG_4865_zpsf3xc7smp.jpg
 photo IMG_4867_zpsapw9o1qp.jpg
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A couple of amazing things are happening here:

1. I am dressed. In something other than yoga pants. Alert the local news.

2. My makeup is done.

In other words, I'm acting like a normal human being. Which is somewhat remarkable, because guys, adjusting to rural life and what it does to your personal style is... an experience. It's hard. Especially as the weather has been getting colder. At least, it has been for me. My weekdays are typically usually split between home (which is very much in the woods right now), my "local" cafe (local being 35 minutes away), and the gym (also 35 minutes away... but conveniently 5 minutes from the gym!). And my weekends? Gloriously they've been spent hiking. But none of those things necessitate getting dressed in the cute sense. All this to say, I've been spending a shocking amount of time in yoga pants.

But guys, I'm so into this sweater (all of these sweaters this season, TBH), it's been a breath of fresh air for my closet. I'd been looking for a light pink pullover for awhile, ever since seeing the fluffy cashmere dream that J.Crew was selling, and this one ticks all the boxes: pullover, slightly loose and highly tuck-able. And bonus! A mock neck. Paired with a vintage fisherman's cap from MicknMarianne and a pair of vintage classic brown booties, it's perfect for these early November days when the weather is fluctuating between 40 and 60.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekend Links 11.5

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Happy weekend... and happy November! How are you adjusting with the time change? I'm feeling extra thankful for the extra hour of sleep, but a little sad about the loss of daylight. Ok, more than a little sad – I'm having a hard time with these super short days lately, especially now that I'm not living in the city. I love seeing the stars at night, but it's hard not to feel like the day is over as soon as it's dark out. This weekend has been wonderful though - yesterday we went to Camden, hiked with some friends, and hit up Moody's Diner afterwards. As someone who works remotely, spending time with real, actual humans has been key in maintaining sanity. It's easy to feel cut off during the week, especially right now, so it was especially nice to get out of the area and see some old friends. Seeing the coast was also a nice reminder of why we're here. We're very much experiencing small tow life right now – all the good and all the bad. So seeing the coast, and spending some time in Portland was exactly what we needed tp feel refreshed. Anyway, I'm rambling. Today was super chill - I went to the gym, baked, made myself dinner, and am trying to get as much writing done as possible in preparation for another busy week. How about you? Good weekend? XO

This vintage blouse is so pretty for fall, especially paired with classic levi's and ankle boots.

100% obsessed with Justina Blakeney's collection for Target - love this comforter, this one too, and this pretty throw pillow

Pumpkin pancakes? Yes please!

I just got this sweater and I am ob-sessed - so pretty with cropped flares and a great pair of loafers

This might be the cutest pet bed ever

Read this if you'd like to feel truly creeped out

This would make a great fall wedding gift - or holiday gift!

30% off at J.Crew + free shipping! I'm in love with this velvet cami and this classic cashmere sweater (under $100!)

This made me laugh

The next book on my reading list

I know these are gifts for kids, but is it wrong to want them for myself? Those chrome piggy banks!

Who will mourn the loss of Teen Vogue?

These earrings are a great alternative to hoops!

Love this pretty travel wallet

A new favorite Instagram account

This velvet dress look SO COMFY - perfect for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekend Reading 10/29

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Happy Sunday, guys. I'm happily enjoying a rainy day at home today after a very, very busy week. It's funny, I expected things to slow down when we moved here, or at least to feel as though I had more time, but things have only sped way, way up. I have my suspicions that it's due to the days getting shorter, it's been hard to stay motivated past 7pm lately - and also possibly trying to get back to some semblance of routine. I finally joined a local gym, which is a reasonable 30 minute drive away (ha) and also doubles as the local haunted house (double ha). Despite the fact that this is where I grew up, the transition from city mouse to country mouse has been a comedy of errors. I have no idea how long it takes to get places (a general rule: 40 minutes in any direction), I've had several encounters with bugs I'd rather not relive, I've gotten myself lost in the woods, and Halloween movies are 1000x more terrifying when watched in a 200 year old farmhouse in the woods (we watched Stephen King's '1922' last night - good but scary). Anyway - this week I have a lot of work to do, per usual (life seems to revolve around work these days), but I'm hoping to check out a yoga studio in town too. Even though we're not planning on moving to Portland until spring, I've been casually apartment hunting and dreaming of having my own space again - this book from Moorea Seal has been serving up a ton of inspiration.

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday

This vintage velvet blazer would look great with a band tee and denim

favorite podcast of late

Just ordered this pretty sweater - love that color!

A historical take on sexism in Hollywood (written by a former professor of mine)

This would be a fun unexpected gift: this bracelet flask

A heavy but worthwhile read: on minimization as a patriarchal reflex 

This dress would be gorgeous for a fall wedding

And something slightly lighter: the filming of Practical Magic was cursed!

What a cute 'feel good' sweatshirt!

15 spooky books to read on Halloween

Love these pretty pastel mugs

ICYMI - A gorgeous New Hampshire hike

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Get Outside: Frankenstein Cliff Trail and Arethusa Falls

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 photo 6174654336_IMG_0324 copy_zpsxkwdlxti.jpg
 photo 6174654336_IMG_0184 copy_zpsqot8x9jc.jpg
 photo 6174654336_IMG_0247 copy_zpsxcyysm3e.jpg
 photo 6174654336_IMG_0301 copy_zps5y15igxh.jpg
 photo 6174654336_IMG_0308 copy_zpsu499sl8n.jpg
 photo 6174654336_IMG_0255 copy_zpsx9tvgckq.jpg
 photo 6174654336_IMG_0234 copy_zpswyxj96vl.jpg
 photo 6174654336_IMG_0212 copy_zpsbf5njpza.jpg
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 photo IMG_4534 copy_zps0mpapnlq.jpg
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Could there be a more perfect hike for Halloween week? After three weeks of insanity – moving, bachelor party planning, weddings, new jobs (me! yay!) – Chris and I finally managed to carve out a day to get outside together. And bonus! It was my brother's last full day in town so we roped him in, too. Since the foliage was starting to fade, we made the most of it and headed up to Crawford Notch in New Hampshire to get some perspective. And man, the trees did not disappoint. I've missed fall in New England so much, this has really been our first time experiencing it since we moved, too, since we're always just here for Christmas.

It's funny, being back.  feel a bit like I did before leaving Philadelphia, with one foot in and one foot out. This time, it's hard not to think about my connections to these locations in the past while I experience them with new eyes over a decade later. It's interesting. And emotional. And complicated. For now, I'm appreciating the proximity to nature again and the ability to wake up without the crushing feeling of being in the wrong place, even if I'm not totally sure where the right place is just yet. It's a pretty incredible feeling to breathe fresh air again.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The October Edit

It seriously blows my mind that it's almost November - HOW?! It's been pretty amazing being back in Maine for the fall, but also becoming abundantly clear that I've been living in the city for 10 years... I've spent most of the month in yoga pants without doing the actual yoga... and I'm not proud of it. The change of scenery has forced me to reevaluate a little bit and think of ways to stay comfy while working from home without feeling like a complete slouch. Trips to town have been my little ray of light for getting actually dressed, so I've been experimenting with more layered looks that are still casual. Living in my checkered Vans and vintage Levi's per usual, this time with more sweaters and cozy, fluffy coats. Knowing the temperature will soon drop dramatically has me thinking more practically, and right now I'm searching out the perfect pair of well-treaded winter boots that will keep me from falling on my ass once things ice over. It sounds complicated, but honestly living in a new environment has been a fun puzzle to solve (and how laid-back things are here is admittedly a bit refreshing).